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Endorsements From Customers:


" The build time was not a problem because you shared the progress with me over the phone which automatically gives a customer confidence.  The mandolin was everything I expected in the cosmetic department.  Workmanship is flawless and accurate.  The mandolin came with a pure 'bell' tone like sound and has progressed on the bass side to what I describe as the "water bucket sound" in the mid range which is highly desirable.  It is a very playable instrument; in fact, it plays itself.  Now nicely broken in, when I go a jam session, Randy Wood owners can't put it down!  I won't even play other mandolins unless I have to."

Bill S. in Michigan

" MAS can strike unexpectedly and suddenly, as we all know.  A few weeks ago, a mention of Ludewig mandolins reminded how much I admired the pictured ad in Mandolin Magazine, and after a few inquiries on the list, I was in correspondence with the builder, Dale Ludewig of Illinois.  Dale told me he was building mandolins that are loud but balanced, and he especially works on bell-like tones for the high end.  He also referred me to Emory Lester, who is playing an A model that Dale and he designed.  Emory said his new A, which he calls 'The Killer', is so easy to play that he is doing things on that mandolin he never could before, which is saying something coming from him.  Emory had played Ludewig F5 #5, which was the only instrument Dale had available at the time, and he confirmed that it was 'a great mandolin'.  So I had Dale ship it to me last week for a look-see.  If I wanted it, it was mine.

It is mine!  It didn't take long to decide.  This is a beautifully built mandolin, and I was initially attracted by looks, but it is the sound, tone, and playability that sold me.  It is loud, but balanced, and it has a sweetness and clarity of tone that astonishes me every time I pick it up.... The tone of each note is so sweet and rich and clear, and the playable neck makes every note stand out.  I found myself playing things I have always heard in my head but struggled to get out of my fingers.  This really is an amazing mandolin."

John Bird

" I have been a guitar picker for 40 years, and started playing mandolin about two years ago.  What is most impressive about my Ludewig mandolin is the richness of the tone and 'carry' of the notes.  When the strings are strummed, even without a pick, they 'sing'.  The craftsmanship is beautiful and shows a love of the instrument and pride in the art.  Every time I pick up #16, I gain in confidence and ability.  I am proud to own and play a Ludewig mandolin."

Sherry C. in Madison, WI

"With the benefit of Dale's helpful and friendly advice I was able to decide on a specification for my F5, not only the materials and hardware, but also the sound I was looking for.  Dale kept me informed on progress as he was building the instrument, with regular updates and photos, a nice touch that I appreciated.  I have now had the F5 for a few months, and am delighted not only with the quality of construction and finish, but also the sound and playability.  It is a versatile instrument, responsive with a rich and well-balanced tone.  Just what I wanted! "

A.B. in England